That's kind of vague though.

I’m a designer. I enjoy making things that people use. Primarily by crafting experiences for web and mobile applications. But I also enjoy things like 3D modeling, product design, and general problem solving.


GoPro Redesign

As a personal project I redesigned GoPro's remote app.

The GoPro remote app was in need of a visual design refresh and a rethinking of its functionality and purpose.
Awesomely enough, this project landed me a trip to San Francisco to talk with GoPro's UX team.

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Front Flip Redesign

As a personal project I redesigned Front Flip's iPhone app.

As a frequent user of Front Flip I've found myself continually frustrated and overwhelmed by it's interface and methods of presenting data. I redesigned the entire app and built an invision prototype for it, along with some Quartz Composer Interaction Concepts

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Levelfive Web App

Levelfive is a user experience development firm specializing in enterprise architecture and app design.

I work at Levelfive as a UX designer focusing on web and mobile applications. Clients include Sprint, Boost Mobile, BNSF, ZTE, and Garmin.

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Hello Web App

Hello is the best way to manage visitors at your office. Place an iPad in your entryway to manage visitor and get notifications via text message.

I started Hello with a few friends for Rails Rumble 2013. After placing second we decided to move forward with the concept. We're currently taking beta testers.

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Ziibra Web App

Ziibra is a subscription based marketplace for artists and creatives, designed to bring fans closer to their favorite creatives and help creatives fund their passions.

I worked at Ziibra as their UX designer with a lot of my focus going into the artist dashboard and the subscription process.

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Swagmate Web App

Swagmate (now StartupThreads) is a full-service merchandise service, built specifically for startups. They'll print, store, and ship your merchandise for you. You can even auto-create shipments via a nifty little API.

I had the opportunity to work with Swagmate last year when they were first launching, and helped them design both a promotional site and a customer dashboard.

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Cityfootprints Web App

City Footprints was built to help people find and recommend things to do in their city through guides - collections of activities built around a theme or event, with tips for each stop.

I joined City Footprints in 2012 as their product designer with a goal of redesigning their site and re-imagining how their platform could be used.