I build things for humans

I am a designer.

I spend most days trying to make goverment services easier for humans at Payit.

I spend other days helping build a better design community with Coffee & Design.

I tweet things sometimes

I am available for speaking events and motorcycle rallies.

I cannot draw well.


As a personal project I redesigned GoPro’s remote app, but not just visually. I conducted research, modeled heirachies, built prototypes, iterated, built more prototypes, and a still found time to write a Medium article on the process.


I had the privilage of working with Swappa on their first mobile application, Swappa Price - a quick and simple way to check the pricing history of any device in the Swappa pricing database. The main goal was to create a solid MVP foundation that could easily be expaned in the future. We also used this project as an opportunity to revisit some of Swappa’s branding system.


Ziibra is a subscription based marketplace for artists and creatives. I worked at Ziibra as their UX designer with most of my focus going into the artist fullfillment dashboard and the fan subscription process.


Cactus approached LevelFive to collaborate on a compelete overhaul of their AppCentral Doctor Credentialing product. I was the lead UX designer on this project, working closely with the Cactus product lead and dev team to research issues, build concepts, and verify approaches through user testing; resulting in a much more understandable onboarding and verification process.


City Footprints was built to help people find and recommend things to do in their city through guides - collections of activities built around a theme or event, with tips for each stop. I joined City Footprints in 2012 as their product designer with a goal of redesigning their site and re-imagining how their platform could be used.

Other Stuff

I've been fortunate enough to work with a lot of great people and companies, beyond the ones already shown in my portfolio. Such as consulting with DairyQueen on their upcoming MyDQ mobile application, helping Lifeline Response port their iOS app over to android, working with Spirit Airlines to redesign their online booking experience, and helping BNSF build a tablet-based application for managing locomotive repairs.